Motor Housing

Die Casting Motor Housing

Aluminum alloy has been the widest material used in motor housing. This is no surprising, as it has many advantages, such as easily machining, strong, high light-to-weight ratio, aesthetic, durability, as well as recycle characteristic. Those features make it to be an idea option for motor housing material.

In Reigstone, we have specialized in aluminum die casting processing for motor housing for lots of years.

The features of Reigstone motor housing

  • Precision tolerance
  • No leakage
  • Compact
  • Wearing-resistant

Why our motor housing need have these features?

Precision tolerance

As the inside components will release a big function of converting the electrical power to mechanical rotating motion, and involving the magnetic fields. the output motion and input power should be kept very precisely, thus, each position of the components has to be located very well. Rotor, bearings, stator, air gap, winding, commutator, the gap between them should be as small as possible.

Excellent airtight

About the no-leakage, we consider this requirement from two aspects, one aspect about the air bubbles inside of the motor housing, in this case, it should be a stringent standard. Another aspect, the gap should be extremely small after assembling, to avoid caused any lubrication oil come out from the sealed cylinder body.


The main purpose of using motor is to get a continuous and stable mechanical motion supply. To keep the whole motor work stably, a compact housing can’t miss, the aluminum is the optimum option in this industry. With die casting solution is the most cost-effective for large scale production with normal requirements. Top quality, small scale production, with aluminum extrusion plus CNC machining, could have very shining surface, perfect way to show high-end quality.


When the motor works, all main components transmitting power need rotating up, which forces the component’ related supporter to continuously touch the internal side of housing with mechanical power. Due to the long times operation, the touched face is easily wearing. But the face is aluminum with very smooth and small roughness result like Ra0.8, can obviously reduce the conflict between the touched faces, to last the working life.

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